Territory Covered:

Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia.

Customer Base:

Wholesalers, Distributors, Dealers and Agencies

Sales Force:

We currently have five dedicated reps who work the S.E. Territory on our LE/MIL side of the business.

Bill Purdy- Director of LE Sales

Territory: Georgia

(404) 759-1159

Email: billpurdy@iradesignlab.com

Bill runs our Law Enforcement and Government Division while maintaining the Georgia territory. He joined our Agency in 2012 with already 16 years of experience in management. For 10 years Bill was a store, remodel and district training manager in the big box retail space and his most recent job was as a Regional Sales Manager in the tactical industry for Atlanco/Tru-Spec. Due to his time at Atlanco, Bill was already familiar with the accounts in Simpson's territory that he is now responsible for. Bill holds professionalism and integrity in very high regard, is a natural leader, and a genuine enthusiast of our industry. He shoots competitive pistol, precision rifle and carbine matches in his free time. Bill attended the University of West Georgia majoring in Social Psychology and minoring in Criminal Justice. Bill also serves as Vice President of Simpson Sales Company.

SCOTT GREAVER - Shareholder

Territory: NC, SC

(843) 670-8195

Email: scottgreaver@iradesignlab.com

Scott comes to us from a Law Enforcement dealer with locations in multiple states, where he was involved in outside sales for his entire tenure. Scott has a strong background in body armor, weapons and munitions, duty gear, optics and tactical apparel. He is also a certified armorer for Sig, Glock and M&P pistols. Scott has outstanding relationships with the agencies in his territory, a great knowledge of product and a genuine love for the industry. A short stint early in his career involving medical records also helped to hone his superb organizational skills. Scott possesses a rare combination of professionalism, personality and organization. Scott graduated from UNCW with a degree in Finance.

JON CORDELL - Shareholder

Territory: WV, KY, VA

(423) 580-2332

E-mail: joncordell@iradesignlab.com

Jon joined Simpson Sales in 2016 and comes to us with an extensive background of management. He has a comprehensive retail background with over 19 years of experience as a multi-unit manager with a big box retailer. In addition, he was a Regional Sales Manager at Tru-Spec where he covered 16 states with multiple rep groups, achieved annual record volume sales and significant increases each year of his tenure. He was a reserve Deputy with the Hamilton County Sheriff's Department. Jon enjoys hunting, fishing and family. Jon shares with our Law Enforcement and Government Division the 2017 Rep Agency of the Year for Under Armour Tactical.


Territory: AL, MS, TN

(205) 310-3110 Fax: (205) 449-6808

E-mail: wmorris@iradesignlab.com

Winston attended the University of Alabama majoring in Advertising and minoring in Public Relations and played football for Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant. Winston has worked as Police Officer full time and as a Police Reserve Sargent for the past 24 years. Prior to joining Simpson Sales, Winston worked for a Law Enforcement Distributor as an outside sales rep. Winston joined Simpson Sales in 2001. Winston maintains that law enforcement and college football experiences have given him the tools to create close relationships with agencies and distributors. Winston is a LE Firearms Instructor and Armorer for many factory brands. Winston loves to shoot precision rifles, pheasant & deer hunt. Winston also serves as the Security Director for a 57 man LE / Military Team for his church of over 3,200 members in Tuscaloosa AL. He has been a member of the Fellow Christian Athletes since 1978.


Territory: Florida

(615) 424-3172

Email: brockpurdy@iradesignlab.com

Prior to Simpson Sales, Brock was employed by Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. Upon his departure he was working as an accountant at Vanderbilt Law School with a prior stint in Risk Management. Brock has exceptional people skills and is a good problem solver. He sees the big picture very quickly and clearly. He is organized, self motivated and passionate about success. Brock is a graduate of Jacksonville State University in Alabama.

Robbin Pharr

Accounting Manager

(770) 237-0991

Email: robbin@iradesignlab.com

Robbin is our Accounting Manager and handles a wide variety of SSC responsibilities. Robbin is the glue that keeps SSC held together so well. Robbin has responsibility for all sales tracking and reporting, commission reconciliation, sample billing, payroll and other accounting responsibilities.  Robbin has a strong background with a similar sales and manufacturing group. Robbin also manages our HR inquiries. Robbin joined Simpson Sales in March of 2004 and has been a crucial in the success of Simpson Sales Company. Robbin’s no nonsense approach to keeping SSC on track is perfectly suited for the aspects of our business that she manages.

Connie Lee

Administrative Assistant to the President

(770) 237-0991

Email: connie@iradesignlab.com

Connie joined Simpson Sales in December 2004 with strong experience as an executive secretary. In addition to supporting our company president, her other responsibilities include making travel arrangements, issuing payments for booth space, factory billing for reimbursement, assisting with territory development fund requests, managing our contact lists and other general office duties. Connie is a true team player and is always willing to help, regardless of the issue at hand. Connie helps to keep all of SSC moving in the right direction and provides the support needed to all of our reps so that they can concentrate on the task at hand. Connie is always a pleasure to be around and is a vital part of our team.

Sam Cytulski

Customer Service, Marketing and FFL Manager

(770) 237-0991

Email: sam@iradesignlab.com

Sam joined Simpson Sales Company in 2012 as our Retail Coordinator, Customer Service, Website Administrator and FFL Recordkeeper. Sam’s additional responsibilities include, coordinating event supplies for distributor shows, handling our dealer e-blasts, and tracking/managing various factory call report objectives. Sam also assists the President in tracking/managing reps correspondence, provides reports required from various factories and handles necessary tasks/protocol regarding rep involvement in factory obligations throughout the year. Sam was previously employed by Bass Pro Shops after he graduated college working in the hunting/firearm departments. During that time Sam broadened his knowledge and grew his already existing appreciation for our industry. Sam is a graduate of Georgia College and State University where he earned a BBA in Marketing. Sam is highly detail oriented individual which makes him perfectly suited for the important roles that he presides over at Simpson Sales Company. Sam is always eager to learn and carries an outstanding attitude at all times. Sam is a important part of Simpson Sales Company and it’s day to day activities.